PASSION FLOWER ( Gemini Music / distrubuted by Sunnyside Communications )

“Pure beauty packaged in sound”  -Dan Bilawsky 

“The Strayhorn family is very proud of this effort!“ 

- Galen Demus ( The Billy Strayhorn Foundation ) 

“Di Martino finds amazingly unique ways to re-imagine these gems for his visionary collection: Passion Flower” - Jonathan Widran 

“Luminous, performed with great artistry and soul. Highly recommended” - Grady Harp 

“A tribute record of the highest degree … rich renditions that illuminate Strayhorn’s legacy” 


“In this loving tribute … gifted pianist John Di Martino and his quartet shed light on how the late Billy Strayhorn didn’t overpower listeners but captivated them with beauty, eloquence, and grace” 
-Tom Henry ( The Blade ) 

“a sublime recording ” -Ron Weinstock

“a delicious album” - Kev Rowland