PASSION FLOWER ( Gemini Music / distrubuted by Sunnyside Communications )

"Strayhorn's compositions continue to bloom in others' hands, like perennials returning time and again to add welcome color and fragrance to the world...A testament to both the durability of Strayhorn's writing and the strengths of Di Martino's art, Passion Flower is pure beauty packaged in sound" 

-Dan Bilawsky

Great stuff! We have promoted it on our website ( and our twitter page (#21stcent_stray), and I have already received several responses from people who have made the CD a must for their playlist... John and the guys did a wonderful job and the Strayhorn family is very proud of this effort!  

- Galen Demus ( Billy Strayhorn Songs Inc./The Billy Strayhorn Foundation )

“this cd grabbed me right away, and held my attention throughout this highly imaginative set of re-arrangements of the music of Billy Strayhorn … pianist-arranger John Di Martino has performed two miracles: reducing Strayhorn’s sound world to a quartet and rewriting many of his compositions in a way that is original and innovative while still paying tribute to Billy’s original tunes…Di Martino’s own piano playing has a great deal in common with Strayhorn’s. He has a light touch with a rich, deep-in-the-keys feeling, just like Strayhorn” 

- Lynn René Bayley ( The Art Music Lounge )

“veteran pianist John DiMartino finds amazingly unique ways to re-imagine these gems for his visionary collection Passion Flower “

-  Jonathan Widran 

“The vet piano man proves that some records just have to be made……… Must hear listening.” 

- Chris Spector ( Midwest Record ­ Entertainment Reviews, News, and Views  )

“John’s jazz piano is far/above so many of the other players on the scene today... stimulating & swingin’ jazz that will transport you to absolute jazz heaven……….. I give John and his musical mates a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating” 

-Rotcod Zzaj  ( Contemporary Fusion Reviews )

“In this loving tribute to one of the 20th century’s greatest jazz composers, gifted pianist John Di Martino and his quartet shed light on how the late Billy Strayhorn didn’t overpower listeners but captivated them with beauty, eloquence, and grace” 

-Tom Henry ( The Blade )

"The music – all arranged by John DiMartino – is luminous, performed with great artistry – and soul. Highly recommended."

- Grady Harp

DiMartino has enjoyed a 40+ career with 15+ recording of his own, and here he offers a tribute record of the highest degree as him and the players perform rich renditions that illuminate Strayhorn’s legacy.